KSSP Photography

Why A Pro

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Why pay the money to hire a professional photographer?  In this day of fancy digital cameras that will connect directly to a printer, why do you need to pay someone to take your picture?  And if you do pay someone, why not one of those places that does it super cheap?

“Uncle Joe can take our picture…”

With apologies to all the Uncle Joe’s (and Aunt Jill’s) of the world…no matter how good Uncle Joe thinks he is, our portraits and wedding photographs are the ones that you will treasure.  There are many people that are pretty good photographers.  Modern technology makes it easy to be a pretty good photographer.  For important moments and special memories, don’t you want someone better than a ‘pretty good’ photographer?

Oh, and how many times has Uncle Joe taken the pictures and you have never seen them or have never received prints of the pictures?

Our business is photography, we do it every day and you are the most important part of our business.

The real truth is that Uncle Joe can’t take the pictures we can take.

“Lets get our picture at that cheap place at the mall…”

There is a reason that the place is cheap.  The old saying that you get what you pay for applies here.  The odd thing is that often the cheap place isn’t all that cheap…

Our satisfied customers are our best sales people.  The cheap place’s best selling point is their price…at least the price they use to get you in the door.

Posing, Posing, Posing…

How many times have you seen it?  Pictures with the people standing like stick figures.  What makes a portrait special, one that makes your friends say ‘That is a great picture of …’ can be as simple as a tilt of a head or a hand in a pocket.  We know what works and what will make you look like a star or your child incredibly cute.

Lights, Camera…

Lights have the ability to set the tone of a picture.  We know how to use lights to make you look your best and to set the tone you desire.

Making it Perfect…or as close to perfection as possible…

Our Portraits include basic retouching…we remove stray hairs, moles (if desired), zits, and crows feet.  And we can remove or fix most other ‘imperfections that the camera puts in your photograph.’  If it is in the image and you don’t want it there, we can fix it.

Sometimes a portrait needs something extra…different lighting, a soft feel, a black and white print, perhaps a dreamy look or even the look of a piece of art.  Although some lighting effects are best done during the photography session, many effects can be added after the photographs are taken.

The Final Product…

We all have photographs in an album or a drawer some place in the house.  We love the photographs, but they are fading.  Our Portraits are produced using ‘Archival Paper,’ which is predicted to preserve the portrait images for at least 100 years.

We guarantee all our work.