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Senior Specials

Senior Sessions

We offer six different photographic sessions for seniors starting at $41.  These include your yearbook picture, where applicable.

The “Destination” allows you to get photographed in San Francisco or San Diego or in a National Park or any other location that interests us when we travel.  Extremely limited schedule opportunities.  Other restrictions and fees may apply.   $300.

The “Image” is a 3-hour session, generally two hours in the studio and one hour at the beach or other outdoor location.  $125

The “Contemporary” is a 90-minute session…usually, an hour in the studio and about 30 minutes outside near the studio.   Get the star treatment with our high-key fashion look.  $89

The “Beachcomber” is a 60-minute session at the beach or any other outdoor location within reasonable driving distance.  $79

The “Senior” is a 60 minute session in the studio.  You get multiple changes of clothes and different backdrops.

The “Traditional” is a 30-minute session in the studio…upper body only.  We include our Hollywood headshots, sitting and standing poses.  $41

The number of outfits and backdrops used in a session is a function of only of the time available.  The photo shoots are about you so we tailor the session to fit your personality.
Senior Specials

Call the studio for current specials.

You can also locate one of our Senior Models and if you bring in one of their cards, for discounts and extra stuff.
Senior Models

Each year we select senior models from local high schools to help promote our studio within their school.   Our models receive a free  Image session and other free stuff .  They also receive a dramatic discount on any packages purchased and the opportunity to earn KSSP money if their friends have a senior session with us.  We normally select our senior models in the spring (when they are Juniors).  There are exceptions so contact the studio, if you are interested.